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Handmade Wild Horse Fine Art Book Pre-Sale For 2023

Tim Layton Fine Art - Learn Analog Photography -

I am making my first limited edition of 10 handmade wild horse fine art collectible books that will be released in 2023.

I am offering a unique opportunity for collectors and art buyers to get a handmade body of work and also help support the project and be rewarded with a unique and rare handmade fine art book featuring wild horses.

Your support is rewarded with a savings of 50% off the price for a limited time. Once the book is released, it will be twice the price, and I never discount production artwork.

I am the only artist in the world dedicated to making pure analog, handmade fine art books featuring the wild horses of Shannon County, Missouri.

Today, nearly everything is made with computers or imported from foreign countries as cheaply as possible. I am offering a rare opportunity to collect a handmade fine art book made completely by hand and of the finest materials.

You can review my artist statement to learn more about the details behind the book and why I needed to create this handmade book.

I am approaching the handmade fine art collectible book from a stoic mindset. I am channeling wisdom from the ancient stoic philosophers dating back to the first century. The artwork is something tangible that I can share to help you be still for a moment and explore the benefits of stillness and modern-day stoicism. If you pay close attention to my artwork, you can also see the unseen.

This heirloom-quality book is handmade, including each print, binding, and cover. The book is 8″ x 10″ and includes 12 handmade silver gelatin fine art prints, along with vellum interleaving sheets and a certificate of authenticity. Each silver gelatin print in the book is titled, dated, signed, and embossed with our custom stamp, giving each piece of artwork a rare handmade look and feel.

Our large format 8×10 (5×7 image) standalone fine art prints normally sell for $297 each. You will receive the completed handmade book with 12 handmade silver gelatin prints for only $1200, which is a savings of 66% off our normal standalone fine art prints. When we release the book, it will sell for $2400.

I have already sold 8 of the 10 limited editions, so only 2 are available now. Once these last two are gone, no more will be available.


Every step in our workflow to make the handmade book is devoid of computers, software, or modern technology.

Tim Layton Wild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri -

I photograph the wild horses with black and white analog film and then make enlarged handmade film negatives so we can contact print each piece of artwork.

We need to make the negatives bigger than the smaller original film because the fine art prints for the book are a contact printing process that requires the negatives to be the same size as the final image.

It takes about 3 days to go from exposing film in the field with the horses to have a large format negative that I can use to begin the process of making each piece of artwork. The investment of time is worth the effort and expense because they allow me to create a unique look that is impossible using modern digital methods.

Because I need to enlarge the original small film negative to make the handmade calotype paper negatives, we get the opportunity to use a handmade 19th-century Petzval lens that further increases the uniqueness and rarity of each handmade print in the book. Modern optics don’t have the same look and feel, which is why my wild horse prints look so unique.

Dallmeyer 3B 290mm F3 Petzval -

The book pages are 8″x10″, and the negatives are 5″x7″. I choose this format because it allows you to view and fully see and experience each piece of artwork in the book in a tactile and intimate way.

I chose to make archival silver gelatin fine art prints for the book because I can control the color and tonality of the artwork in a way that uniquely aligns with my narrative and artist statement.

Discerning art buyers and collectors continue to value silver gelatin fine art collectible prints because of their unique beauty, permanence, and rarity, along with their long history of performance and proven investment performance. 

The silver gelatin print dates back to the 19th century when chemists and photographers explored ways to make more permanent photographs. 

I employ the same chemistry and time-test archival methods of the original 19th-century chemists and photographers to make our wild horse fine art book prints. 

Knowledgeable fine art collectors and curators prefer silver gelatin artwork because they are known for their unrivaled beauty, permanence, and investment potential.  

We use the highest quality materials and chemistry supported by a proven archival museum-quality workflow ensuring your handmade book and silver gelatin artwork can last centuries.

Contact me with any questions or comments.