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How You Can Help Make a Difference & Protect Missouri’s Wild horses

Tim Layton - Wild Horses of Missouri -

Hi, my name is Tim Layton, and I am a wild horse conservation photographer.

I am on a mission to defend Missouri’s wild horses by protecting their freedom, preserving their habitat, and raising awareness.

My vision is eternal freedom, protection, and preservation of Missouri’s wild horses for current and future generations.

I am documenting the story of Missouri’s wild horses so they won’t be forgotten or pushed to the background in our busy world.

I believe the more people know about the Wild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri, the better chance they have to survive in the future because we know that people protect what they love.

Learn why awareness is a key strategy in helping protect wild horses and why I became a wild horse conservation photographer.

There are several different ways that you can help the wild horses. Most people won’t take the time to help, but for the few of you that do, I want you to know that I appreciate it and your help and support matters. We are doing something positive and trying to improve the world.

You can directly help our wild horses and make a difference in the world in the following ways.

1 – Share This Website With Your Friends, Family, and Anyone That Loves Horses

The more people know about Missouri’s wild horses, the more likely we will have enough people fight for their freedom when the next removal attempt happens again. Learn more about the details of why awareness is so helpful in protecting wild horses. By joining my newsletter, you will be notified when I publish new articles, photos, and videos to help you stay connected to the wild horses all year long. If there are any urgent matters with the horses that you need to know, the newsletter is how I communicate these updates. Share this website with your friends, families, and anyone who loves wild horses.

2 – Use Affiliate Links For Your Purchases

I am a sales affiliate for Amazon and B&H Photography. At no additional cost to you, when you use these links before making a purchase, I will earn a small commission that is reinvested into documenting the horses and telling their stories. Bookmark these links and use them every time you make a purchase.

3 – Join Me and Other Wild Horse Lovers in the Facebook Group

I have a dedicated Wild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri, Facebook Group where I share our wild horses’ latest updates, photos, and videos. Be part of the community and learn more about the horses, and share your photos and videos, too! Be sure to share the photos, posts, and videos with your friends and family.

4 – Make a Donation

It is an expensive endeavor to track, monitor, and report on the current status of the wild horses. I would be grateful if you could help offset some of these expenses with a donation. You can make a donation of any size to me via PayPal.

5 – Buy a Print

You can buy a beautiful print of the wild horses and help support the mission. I invest 100% of the proceeds back into tracking, monitoring, and telling their stories.

6 – Membership

Become a Wild Horses of Missouri Member for only $10 per month. Your membership supports the mission and vision to help protect our wild horses today and in the future.

>> You are helping raise awareness of Missouri’s wild horses, which is key to their long-term survival and protection.  Your membership helps fund my expenses and enables me to continue this important work. You are effectively my sponsor, and I do the work in the field for you and with your support. Learn more about the details of why awareness is so helpful in protecting wild horses.

>> New members receive a free 8×10 Wild Horse Fine Art print.  Choose whatever print you want from my gallery. Current members receive an additional 25% discount on any artwork in my gallery at any time.  I don’t offer discounts to non-members because my pricing is already very low compared to market standards.  

>> Read my latest wild horse field diary and stay connected to the horses all year with detailed accounts of their current state, along with beautiful photos and videos.

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