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Ice Princess – Artist Proof #2 Calotype Paper Negative & Palladium Print

I am continuing to explore making palladium prints for my new Wild Horse Handmade Fine Art book, and in this video, I share my progress with you.

In my original tests, I found that 2:00 minutes was definitely a little too dark, and so in my AP # 1, I made a 1:45 exposure. I suspected it may be a perfect balance, but in AP # 2, I wanted to confirm that by making a 1:30 exposure. Sometimes very small differences can make a big difference.

All of my variables are tightly controlled, so by varying the exposure time, I am only manipulating one variable.

In all cases, I am using Platinum Revere paper and Potassium Oxalate developer at 175F to help with the warm color and tone of the palladium prints.

I am offering a limited-time opportunity for art buyers and collectors that want to support the development and creation of our first limited edition of 100 handmade wild horse fine art books. The book will include at least 12 handmade wild horse fine art prints with acid-free interleaving vellum between each print. Each piece of artwork in the book is embossed with a custom stamp and each artwork is titled, dated, and signed. A final version of the artist statement will be at the front of the book and be hand signed. The book will be made in a lay-flat style, so you can enjoy each piece of artwork with the book lying flat. You will receive a certificate of authenticity hand signed and dated. You will be rewarded as an early supporter because you will save 50% off the final price of this limited edition handmade book. In a world where everything is mass produced and cheaply made, our handmade wild horse fine art book is a rare opportunity to support an artist that is committed to pre-mechanized 19th century handmade processes. You’ll be rewarded with a unique and collectible artwork that you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life.

If you are a photographer or interested in learning about analog photography, we have an Analog Photography Membership Community that is the only community of its kind where you can learn and explore analog photography in depth. I also have an extensive training library of video workshops and guidebooks if you prefer to download the videos and books for offline use.

I will follow up with another video comparing the original test print at 2:00, and the two AP’s at 1:45 and 1:30 once they are fully dried down and varnished.

I share my latest work in the darkroom with you in the Darkroom Diary on my YouTube Channel. If you are interested in coming behind the scenes with me as I work, this is the place for you.

-Tim Layton Sr.