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Large Format Photography Resources

I dedicate this page to large format photographers that need access to helpful resources. If you have any websites or other resources that you think will be helpful for others, contact me with the information and I will update this page.

Lens Information (120 6×7 to 11×14 ULF)

4×5 Large Format Lenses

5×7 Large Format Lenses

8×10 Large Format Lenses

Large Format Lens Primer

Large Format Photography Forum

Ultra Large Format Photography Forum

Choosing The Best Focal Length For 4×5 Landscapes by Alex Burke

Getting Started in 4×5 Large Format Photography by Alex Burke

Large Format Educational Articles by Alex Burke

Large Format Lenses by Ken Lee

Large Format Related Articles by Ken Lee

Nikkor T* Telephoto Lenses

Nikkor Large Format SW (super wide) Lenses

Large Format Color Film Choices For Landscapes by Alex Burke

Scanning and Editing Large Format Color Negative Film Tips

If you are a photographer or interested in learning about analog photography, I have an Analog Photography Membership Community that is the only community of its kind where you can learn and explore analog photography in depth. I also have an extensive training library of video workshops and guidebooks if you prefer to download the videos and books for offline use.


The Ultimate 4×5 Large Format Camera (In my opinion) – Linhof Technika 3000

Linhof Repair Service

Laflex Camera
7660 Fay Ave #H-242
La Jolla, CA 92037
+1 310-905-9976
[email protected]

Nippon Photo Clinic Inc.
37 West 39th Street, Suite 401
New York, NY 10018-0602
+1 212 982 3177
[email protected]