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Nikkor 450-M F9 Ultra Large Format Lens

Nikkor M 450mm F9 Lens -

The Nikkor M 450mm F9 lens is a great bargain lens for most ULF photographers, especially if you need a lens in shutter. You will typically find this lens mounted on a Copal 3 shutter.

Quick Specifications

Max Aperture F9, Min Aperture F128, Image Circle at F22 440mm, Angle of Coverage 52, Weight 640g/1.41 lb., Front Filter 67mm.

In terms of coverage, I know it covers at infinity on my 16×20, but very little room for movements. I typically stop down to F90 or even F128 with this lens on the 16×20 and I have plenty of coverage at infinity.

If your background is not in ultra large format photography, then you are probably thinking that F90 and F128 sound extreme and will lead to serious diffraction issues.

To set your mind at ease, the equivalent focal length of the Nikkor 450-M in 35mm terms is equal to about 33mm, and an aperture of F90 is equal to about F6.7.

If you photograph landscapes, you quickly learn that you want lenses and shutters capable of these types of apertures.

I use this as a normal lens on my 8×20 camera. I created a video where I showed full coverage on the 8×20 wide open at F9. Here is the link to the YouTube video.

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Below is a photo of the paper negative that I created with the Nikkor 450-M wide open at F9 to confirm full coverage on 8×20 at infinity.

Link to the YouTube video where I created this exposure and negative.

Nikkor M 450mm F9 Lens -

Effective apertures compared to 35mm

Have you ever wondered how to calculate the effective aperture of your ultra large format lens compared to 35mm?

To calculate the 35mm equivalent aperture of a lens on a different format, we need to use the crop factor or focal length multiplier. For an 8×20 ultra large format camera, the crop factor compared to 35mm film is approximately 0.07x.

Therefore, the 35mm equivalent focal length of a 450mm lens on an 8×20 ultra large format camera would be:

450mm x 0.07 = 31.5mm

To calculate the 35mm equivalent aperture at f/90, we can use the following formula:

Equivalent Aperture = Aperture x Crop Factor

Equivalent Aperture = f/90 x 0.07

Equivalent Aperture = f/6.3

Therefore, the 35mm equivalent aperture of a 450mm lens at f/90 on an 8×20 ultra large format camera would be approximately f/6.3.

You can use the crop factor of 0.07 to calculate other apertures in the 8×20 format. For example, what about f/128? f/128 x 0.07 = 8.96 or about f/9.