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Pouring Gelatin Today For My New Wild Horse oil Prints

Rawlins Oil Gelatin Paper

I am just starting my journey with the 19th-century Rawlins Oil handmade printing process for my new wild horse book that I am working on.

The historic handmade oil pigment process transcends photography because there are no silver or traditional photographic elements in the final artwork. I have total creative control over every step in the process just like a painter has with his canvas, brushes, and paint.

Once the matrix is formed by potassium dichromate reacting with UV light, a relief is uniquely formed in the hand-poured gelatin layer. The artwork is brought to life through a series of water baths and the application of archival lithographic inks through special hog hair and bear brushes.

In the brief video below, I had just hand-poured a new layer of gelatin on some Platinum Revere paper and I thought you may find this interesting to see the very beginning of the process.

I also share the next steps in the process so you know what is going to happen next.

I share my latest work in the darkroom with you in the Darkroom Diary on my YouTube Channel. If you are interested in coming behind the scenes with me as I work, this is the place for you.

Check back tomorrow as I continue on with the process of making these unique handmade wild horse oil prints.

Tim Layton