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Schneider 35″ (889mm) F12.5 APO Red Dot Artar (in Aluminum Barrel)

I affectionally call this difficult-to-find and unique ultra large format lens “Little Bertha” because it’s the little sister to the Schneider 47 1/2″ lens.

This lens also has huge coverage: 1:10 (20″x24″), 1:5 (22″x28″), 1:2 (28″x36″), and 1:1 (36″x45″). Artar lenses cover approximately 46 degrees. 

It is reasonable to find the Goerz version on eBay if you watch for it, but the Schneider version is very rare and much lighter because it is in an aluminum barrel at about 3 pounds. This focal length is a good choice for a long lens on 16×20 and 14×17.

I don’t need to install my extension board to use this on my 16×20 camera, making it a lot more user-friendly in the field. No extension board, shorter bellows draw, and lighter weight make this lens a top choice for me when I need a longer focal length.

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