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Schneider 47 1/2″ (1206 mm) F15 APO Red Dot Artar (in Aluminum Barrel)

I affectionally call this incredibly rare and unique ultra large format lens “Big Bertha” because she has massive coverage: 1:10 28″x36″, 1:5 30″x35″, 1:2 36″x45″, 1:1 48″x64″.

The Schneider version of this lens like the one that I have is very rare to find and mine is in the lightweight aluminum barrel making it extremely rare.

I purchased this lens from John Quicksilver who got it directly from the personal collection of the president of Schneider America.

The regular Goerz version of this lens weighs over 8 pounds in comparison to this lens which is half the weight at 4 pounds. The Goerz brand is still difficult to find, but if you are patient, one will occasionally come up on eBay.

I have to install my extension board to use this on my 16×20 camera but it natively works on 20×24.

The mounting hole = 105 mm and the width of the mounting flange is 137mm. My Sinar size standard lens boards are 139mm wide, so this lens will mount on my current config by 2 mm as shown in the photo below.

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I have a dedicated Ultra Large Format Photography playlist on my YouTube Channel.

I purchased this lens because I want to do some 16×20 wild horse landscapes. I have been following the wild horses of Shannon County, Missouri, since 2015, and I need the longest lens possible to give myself at least a chance at creating the image that I want.

I will keep you posted on this project and hopefully we can accomplish my goal in the next year or so.