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Ultra Large Format Photography Diary – 8×20 Siloam Springs Small Barn Scene

While I focus a lot on serious fine art image-making, I like to get out and ride the backroads with my big ultra large format cameras and create images that I appreciate and enjoy.

Over the last week, we have had some enjoyable cool, and foggy mornings. I love to get outside first thing in the morning and enjoy the beautiful countryside. I am still happy and grateful even if I don’t take a single exposure.

I have been working more with the 8×20 format. I really love the perspective, especially for landscapes.

I will share a few of the images that I took this last week and share a few thoughts about each one below the image.

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8x20 Ultra Large Format (Siloam Springs Morning) by Tim Layton © Tim Layton Fine Art
Siloam Springs – Foggy Morning © Tim Layton (

First, I will start with what I love about this image and then share some thoughts about what I would like to see differently.

The morning fog is magical. Anytime I get the chance to photograph foggy morning landscapes, it puts a smile on my face.

I love the lone cow on the left side of the frame. It brings something interesting and fun to this image.

The only thing I don’t like in this image is the group of trees on the far right. There is nothing I can do about that because that is how nature made it, but I think the image would be cleaner and more compelling if those trees were not in the image. For this reason, I don’t consider this a “keeper,” but I do enjoy it, and I had a fun time with Tim Jr. in the field taking this image.

8x20 Ultra Large Format (Siloam Springs Cow Landscape) by Tim Layton © Tim Layton Fine Art
Siloam Springs – Cow Landscape © Tim Layton (

This scene was about 10 miles from the barn above. I knew that it would be an ideal landscape for the 8×20 format.

I don’t consider this one a “keeper” because it doesn’t have something compelling to pull the viewer in, but I do like the image concept, and my plan is to return when there is snow on the ground and wait for that special moment when the closest cow to me in the image has its head up and looking at me. If the cow in the front of this image were looking forward, it would have transformed this image, in my opinion.

I have more to follow in the next day or so, so stay tuned.

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