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Ultra Large Format Photography Diary – Thinking About My Next ULF Project

It is late in the evening and everyone has gone to bed.

I enjoy the quiet time and thinking about my next ultra large format project.

My next project will be with the 8×20 Chamonix, and I am not sure about the lens yet because I think I will be heading to the field for this project and need lenses that have full coverage at infinity. I have plenty of sharp glass for 8×20 at infinity, but I may want to create some soft-focus pictorialist images. I have my TT Signature soft focus lenses that will cover at infinity, but I would need to find scenes that work with the longer focal lengths. If I want to do soft focus with a wide-angle lens, this is where the challenge begins.

Tim Layton St standing by his 16×20 and 8×20 ULF Chamonix Camera’s

I want to create new 8×20 ULF contact prints that communicate my thoughts and feelings for a new project, “Broken, But Still Connected.”

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You might wonder what “Broken, But Still Connected” is about.

It is how I feel about the loss of my youngest daughter Abby. She was tragically killed in a car accident on April 15, 2021. I still feel broken, but also still connected to her.

I am using my art as a way to work through my feelings of despair, sorrow, grief, and healing. I have experienced many metaphors in nature since her passing, and this will be the basis of my images.

As I sit here this evening, all I know right now is that I am getting up tomorrow, and I am headed over to the darkroom, and I will start this journey.

More tomorrow.

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