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Handmade Wild Horse FINE ART

What you vividly imagine, ardently believe, and enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come true.

Tim Layton is the only artist in the world dedicated to making handmade large format black and white silver gelatin wild horse fine art photo books.

He is known for his unique analog chemistry-based process that visually communicates the essence and spirit of wild horses in an emotionally evocative and intimate way.

His printmaking workflow is built on 175 years of photo-chemistry science. The silver gelatin contact prints for the books are triple-toned using proprietary formulations of sepia, selenium, and silver halides.

“Based on my creative vision, I transform and individually sculpt highlight values, mid-tones, and shadows for every print I create. My proprietary triple-toning process helps me communicate the spirit and essence of wild horses and the underlying messages that are part of my artwork.

Wild horses are much more than iconic symbols of freedom to me. They inspire me to share important messages that are increasingly rare and forgotten in our modern digital and technology-driven society.”

Wild horses live simple and social lives based on the love of their families. They serve as living reminders of family, love, and honesty. They treat the land and environment respectfully and take intentional steps to ensure it will be healthy in the future.

These important messages are as true today as they will be hundreds of years from now if we still have a world that supports human life.

-Tim Layton